Into the Blue

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Pit stop for the popular coconut ice cream at my favorite and possibly one of the most famous weekend bazaars in Southeast Asia or even Asia, Chatuchak market.

Topping options are available for the ice cream which is served on a halved coconut’s shell that comes with the flesh. Refreshing especially on a blazing hot day.

Of spicy food, hot weather and blessed reunion.

It has been a ritual to visit the amazing Bangkok for it’s great food, shopping, massages and endless inspirations. This time it’s all back to where we have left off almost a year ago. Short trip but it’s all worthwhile.

Serious, April

Wrapped up Q1 of 2014 and it’s time to be reflective. So much had taken place since the beginning of the year, at work and in this beautiful country I called home, Malaysia.

I am blessed that work has been going on well but the same cannot be said on the current turmoil that has befallen our national carrier, MAS.

It’s been 24 days now since the mystery lost of the flight MH370. Amidst the relentless search by our government in the Indian Ocean (the location many experts believed it has crashed) and with the help of other countries including Australia, China, UK and USA, there seemed to be many conspiracy theories and opinions that spun out from this tragedy that’s mostly baseless and even downright preposterous - there are, of course, plausible theories of the missing airline on reasons to its turnaround and complete lost of communication.

I just wish that the family, relatives and friends of the missing passengers and crew to continue to stay strong. Our thoughts and prayers will continue. The truth, I’d like to believe, will soon enough emerge giving the closure that the world yearns.

The Bell

Funnily enough, this delicious cranberry bread looks like a dried sea urchin slaughtered by the Chinese cook before boiling soup or stew from this angle. 

Happy Sunday, peeps :)

Hello, good bake.

Picked up the delicious “Cranberry Bell” from this new bakery, Donutes, at the neighborhood and boy, love at first bite. It’s named as such because of the shape of the bread which has generous amount of cranberries and cream with sugar icing sprinkled all over it. Best served with coffee, cold, of course, on this hot sunny afternoon. 

Clear evening in Zhongshan

The Wall Couple

This reminds me of wall-e and eve sans the cuteness. Sort of like statues hung onto the wall to commemorate them :)